Here we go.

I’m back on blogging, at least in my own way.
First of all, as you probably have noticed yet, English isn’t my native language. So please, indulge me, and if you’re into correcting, your advices are very welcome. Writing in both French and English is the only constraint I’ll put to myself with this blog, because I need practicing, and I believe it could reach more people if it’s in English than  in French.

This blog relates the struggles of a, between many things, bipolar.
My thoughts, my art, as creepy and unperfect as they are.

This is me.
For once in almost 15 years of blog-faking, I’ll show myself.
I don’t care if I have many followers or not, if you like my art or not.
I write, draw and paint anyway. If it can echo into someone, if it can reach someone who feels like this, that’s all that counts.

Bipolarity is real, and it can eat people alive if they don’t do anything.
I didn’t do anything for 30 years, I even ignored this diagnosis for 5 years. I refused to admit it, to see that all I was, all what my life was turning around, all my phases, my ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, was a fucking damn mental issue.
Now, I know, I admit, and I want to help people who suffer the same way that I do.

So, welcome into my mind.
You probably won’t like it, but I don’t care.